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Reflections on diabetes, focus on type 2 diabetes

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/Mikayo/Library/Mail%20Downloads/Diabeteslsrevise.doc A year ago I promised a friend I would write about type 2 diabetes (from here on abbreviated as T2D). She has T2D and wanted to know more about it, after being justifiably horrified by the high percentage of … Continue reading

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The amazing potential of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)

My interest in stem cells was heightened, even re-inspired, by a talk I saw recently at The Royal Society. Dr. Ian Wilmut, the man who created Dolly the sheep, the very first cloned animal, gave a brilliant and thought provoking … Continue reading

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Adult Stem Cells and the changing dogma

When I read news stories about stem cells I wonder if the general populace realizes that our bodies are full of stem cells, known as adult stem cells? That adult stem cells are an established and vital part of our … Continue reading

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Is there more we could be doing for amputees?

Great advances have been made in prosthetics for amputees. These include the use of sensors, hydraulics and microprocessors in the prosthetics to provide the wearer with a more natural gait. Plastics, carbon fibre and other materials are used to make … Continue reading

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